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Access to library services and resources (terms and conditions)

Membership of the libraries is granted to the following :
- Employes at Observatoire de la Côte d'azur (OCA), all registred students of the Observatory, visitors and OCA volunteers.
- MAUCA and 3G students (Master students in Astrophysics + Master students in geology, geophysics and geotechnics , Université Nice Côte d'Azur)
- Others persons (who can demonstrate a valid reason for using the libraries'collections must ask the librarian's permission to access the libraries.


The use of electronic resources and library services is submitted to prior registration.

Registration allow to :
- borrow and return documents to any OCA library  ;
- access to electronic resources (bibliographic databases ; book collections ; periodicals) ;
- request to send or supply documents at any time (articles ; book purchase ; ILL). The cost is fully supported by the oca library (within the limits of the budget allocated and prior agreement) 
- access to specific services (alerts ; help to search ; guides and tutorials ; training ; visits).

The borrowing rights and the access to electronic resources varies according to its status, geographical location and its affiliated institution. They are specified at the time of registration and recalled on our web pages by type of resources.


Borrowing, renewing & returning library materials

Reader account

Each user has a reader account open at the time of registration. You can access to the account via our online catalog (password is required).


The reader account allows to :
- consult your loan list ;
- book a document in any library. The  document will be delivered to your main library.

(If you have lost your password, contact us : )

The borrowing rights :

Status Rules
A. Permanent employee
(Researchers - Prof. – Post doct. student – ITA/IATOS employees)
20 books for 90 days  
B. Doctoral students
15 books for 60 days
C. Temporary member - stay superior or equal to 30 days 
3 books for 30 days
D. Temporary member - stay inferior to 30 days 3 books for 7 days
E. Interlibrary loan (ILL) 30 days
F. Non institution member
0 day (on-site consultation)
G.Students in Master 1 MAUCA (Master in Astrophysics Université Côte d'Azur)  & 3 G  10 books for 14 days
H.Students in Master 2 MAUCA (Master in Astrophysics Université Côte d'Azur)  & 3 G  10 books for 35 days

In all case, loan renewal is permitted.

Terms of borrowing :
- free access to the reading rooms and archive rooms during the librarians' working hours with the exception of the  space  "Old Books and Archives" (Nice Mont-Gros) and the room A216 (Sophia-Antipolis) ;
- each book is equipped with a loan form (located at the beginning or end of the book according to the library) to be filled in and placed in the box provided for this purpose.This box is located at the entrance to the libraries.
- After reading, the documents are handed to the librarians or deposited in the return box.

Journals, reference books and historic collection do not circulate (exception : permanent employees may borrow old books for temporary exhibitions).

Lost or damaged materials and time contraints :
Library borrower is responsible for library materials while checked out under his name, and is responsible for returning items by their due date. If an item is damaged or lost, borrower must replace or reimburse it at the actual cost .


Reading room : opening hours, equipments, ranking of documents

Opening hours , equipments of the 3 libraries
Click on the photograph of your favorite library to see the opening hours and equipments of the reading room

Image Bib Nice  Image Bib Valrose   Image Bib Sophia


Ranking of documents on the libraries' shelves :
Nice Mont-Gros Library : the documents are arranged by inventory number in the reading room or archived in the basement 1
Exceptions : when call number began with letter :
A = old books  = restricted access contact us
C = colloquium - Reading room
E1  = small format catalogue - Ground floor
E2  = large format catalogue  - Mezzanine
P = periodicals - Reading room + Basement 1 and 2 
U  = Usual - Reading room 
W  = OCA documents - Reading room 


Nice Valrose Library (Lagrange library) : The documents are stored in the reading room by classification and then inventory number


Sophia-Antipolis library (Geoazur library) :  The documents are stored in the reading room (room A213) by author's name  followed by a serial number
Exceptions :
Astronomy books of the Grasse library (room A214) : by topics 
Maps, Geological  (room A216)
: by suffix "CARTE" + n °
Periodicals = (room A216) : by suffix "P" + n.° 
Thesis, Academic dissertations (room A216) : by suffix "T" + Year + Author


First steps in the OCA library

3 tools can help you to use the library's services and resources for the first time :

- User guide for newcomers 

- The library user guide (pdf format)

- The Online request forms (all)