Before filling out the form below, please read the conditions of use :

Who can use this Scan-On-Demand Service  ?

This service is limited to OCA staff. Its aims is to offer you :

  • time saving ;
  • a high quality electronic document for long-term preservation ;
  • a possibility of storage and indexing in our catalog (only document with general interest for OCA' staff)

 Which documents can be scanned?

There are technical limits and law restrictions.

  We can't scan :

  • documents larger than A3 ;
  • documents too damaged to support digitization ; 
  • documents covered by non-communicability to protect privacy ;
  • private documents or works for which we don't have copyrights.


How long does the delivery take ?


You will be informed by email of the follow-up given to your request and possible time-frame.

An annual digitization program will be made to define the order of priorities. Requests from the UMS Galilee or from the executive teams have priority.






Online request form - Scanning a document


The scanned document will be sent to you in pdf format by email or Filesender. Other options are possible. Please select them  :

You'll receive a copy of this form.